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Need Help?

Frequently Asked Questions

The following groups are eligible to purchase an Adobe Creative Cloud license under MSU's Adobe Creative Cloud Enterprise Term License Agreement (ETLA):

  • Currently enrolled MSU students on all campuses
  • Current Faculty or Staff

Please see the Student, Departmental, or Faculty/Staff sections of this web site for more information on purchasing an Adobe Creative Cloud license.

  • Student License Purchase - $50 per academic year
  • Employee Personal Purchase - $150 per year per academic year
  • Departmental Purchase - $150 per year per academic year

An MSU Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) ETLA license can be used to run the Adobe CC desktop applications simultaneously on a maximum of two computers. There is no device limit on the usage of Adobe CC mobile applications.

Yes. MSU has an enterprise term license agreement (“ETLA”) with Adobe. Individual Creative Cloud subscribers can terminate their contracts and purchase the MSU license without being charged a termination fee.

Per Adobe’s standard terms, individuals are only eligible for a full refund if cancellation is within fourteen days of purchase. Note: Individual Creative Cloud customers billed on a monthly plan who are switching to MSU's ETLA contract are eligible for a waived early termination fee (normally 50 percent of the remaining contract value). In order to waive this fee, users will need to contact Adobe customer support via chat or phone. Inform the support agent that you are a student or employee at Mississippi State University, and have purchased an Adobe Creative Cloud license through MSU's ETLA contract.

System requirements vary between Adobe Creative Cloud applications. A complete list of system requirements, by product, can be found on the Adobe web site.

Yes, MSU's Adobe Creative Cloud ETLA agreement includes Adobe mobile apps like Comp, Draw, and Sketch. They are available on iOS via the App Store and on Android via Google Play.

No, by installing Adobe Creative Cloud applications, you agree you will not store any sensitive data on Adobe online storage.

No. You run the software from your local computer. Computers and mobile devices must connect to Adobe servers for initial activation and installation, and then at least once every 99 days.

If you are planning to be offline for a while, sign in before you go offline. This will extend your access for 99 days.

No. You can store your files in any location you choose.

Your MSU license to Adobe Creative Cloud is tied to your enrollment or employment at Mississippi State University. If you leave, or graduate, your access to Adobe Creative Cloud will be removed 30 days after your affiliation changes. 

You will need to purchase your own account if you want to continue using the software.

For continued access to Spark content, you can invite your new account to collaborate on the project from your old account.

Graduating Students: Adobe has created a process for you to migrate your content to a free account so that you can keep all of your work. If you want to continue creating new content, you will need to maintain a personal subscription, but you can retain access to the work you have already created by visiting

Faculty & Staff: After purchasing a personal account (click the "Individual" tab for purchasing options), follow this step-by-step guide to use Creative Cloud to migrate, or transfer, assets.

If you’d like to change the language of your software, please view this Adobe article for step-by-step instructions.

You can change the default language for future installs of Adobe Creative Cloud apps. You need to reinstall any existing apps to benefit from this change.

Please see the apps included by device document for the full listing.

Adobe Training

Mississippi State students, faculty and staff have several avenues in which to receive training on Adobe products and services. Adobe has many great online tutorials for the various Creative Cloud products. The University also offers free access via the Library which has many specific Creative Cloud product lessons

The Mississippi State University Libraries offer Adobe Creative Cloud support through the MaxxSouth Digital Media Center.

You can also find workshops and video tutorials online. Here are a few resources.

The Adobe Education Exchange is available to all faculty, staff, and students and contains pre-made exercises that promote digital literacy in any discipline. You can also schedule a brainstorming session with the staff in the MaxxSouth Digital Media Center.

Yes. The staff in the MaxxSouth Digital Media Center can lead your class in a training session tailored to fit your learning objectives.

Request Workshop or Instruction

Visit the MaxxSouth Digital Media Center (DMC) guide for more information or contact the DMC at

Adobe Creative Cloud offers many apps that can be used to create social media graphics. Adobe Creative Cloud Express ( is a great mobile and web-based solution available to all MSU faculty, staff, and students. Just log in with you to get started.